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About Us

The Learning Resource Center is tasked to supplement, complement and coordinate existing learning assistance programs in each campus to ensure that the goal of promoting academic excellence will be realized in a more caring and nurturing environment.

1. Upgrade student capabilities to meet the demands of UP education, particularly in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Arts and Communications and the Social Sciences.
2. Provide alternative avenues for personal growth.
3. Provide assistance to student's psychosocial development through specific activities and programs.
4. Coordinate with other offices/units and organizations within the university regarding student progress and welfare.
5. Determine the effectiveness of learning assistance programs.

Major Components
1. Instructional and Enrichment Assistance Program.
    1. Bridging Program for Admitted First Year Students.
    2. Regular Semester - Self-Instructional and Tutorial Program.
2. Life Skills Development Program.
3. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Learning Assistance Programs.

LRC Staff

Sarah C. Johnson, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor in Physics

- - - -
Administrative Officer

Jocelyn L. Traquena
Laboratory Technician II

Dustin Daniel V. Palacio
Administrative Aide VI

Student Assistants:
Jhenny M. Borja
Angelique M. Cerbo
Rabbim V. Cortez
Qim Denzelle C. Salvador
Jeanne Lorenzo P. Vivar