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The tutorial service is a peer- and/or faculty-assisted small-group discussion offered free to all undergraduate students on the following courses: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Communications.

Simulated Exams

This is a two-hour intensive written exam designed to give the students preview of the Departmental Exams in natural sciences and mathematics.

A discussion of answers will follow and is handled by our competent student tutors and faculty volunteer.


This learning material is a product of a joint effort of student volunteers and dedicated faculty of the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics. A reviewer of Questions and Answers or Problems and Solutions. The number of booklets produced per course depends on the number departmental exams for the course. This material is offered for a minimal fee in order to offset the cost of printing materials.

Bridging Program

The Bridge Program is a 4-week program for qualified incoming first year students. This is an intensive general skills development and enrichment course designed to bridge the gap between High School exit skills and entry skills for the freshman year in UP. The core courses offered are: Mathematics, English and the Psychosocial Development Program.

Computer Services

The services are printing, typing and internet service.

Psychosocial Development Program

Learning Resource Center (LRC) fully support the psychosocial development activities primarily organized by the Office of the Student Affairs (Guidance Office). The center serves as the venue of a host of seminars aimed at improving the ability of the students to cope with the challenges of UP life.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Student Performance

LRC gathers data on the students’ performance in general education and other basic courses.